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A reminder of how intimate “Portrait ns a Lady nous Fire” de Celine Sciamma yes, really was! A création of love! A collaboration built nous trust, love, respect and professionalism.

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film housing Céline Sciamma created Portrait with elle ex et frequent collaborator, Adèle Haenel, in mind à la the part ns the artist’s muse.
Un collectif demande une interviewé nationale à lintérieur le milieu et une affrété déontologique à lintérieur les cole d’arts vivants.

Rana Moussaoui - agence France-Presse in Paris

October 19, 2021


4 years after thé start de the #MeToo movement, thé wave reached auto theatrical human being in la france to “bring down the masks”.

ce took eight years pour Alice to muster the courage to la gestion a complaint versus a renowned français director, whom she accuses de raping her when elle was a 20-year-old student actress.

“It happened in 2012. I had post-traumatic amnesia,” thé thirty-something ex-actress called AFP. “It wasn’t until 2016 that it came back to me, and even today, memories store coming back to me. “

Alice had testified in early on October for an investigation passant par the tous les jours Liberation, in which several women case to ont suffered harassment and sexual purp from michelle Didym, actor et former director ns the national Dramatic centre of Nancy, now aged 63 years.

he disputes the facts et is thé subject du a preliminary investigation.

Subsequently, a appel for testimonies conditions météorologiques Twitter from a théâtre blogger, who had actually accused an actor de the Comédie-Française de rape, had a snowball effect: a routine # MeTooThéâtre to be born, and année open letter calling pour a national survey in the community and for a encoder of principles in performing de lart schools to be signed passant par nearly 1,500 people. Among them space the actress Adèle Haenel, who has come to be a symbol of the fight against harassment et sexual assault in France, actresses de the Comédie-Française, such ont Marina Hands, ladies politicians et feminist activists.

"We require actions”

“We oui learned through our teachers to conform to auto ‘desire du the director’ <…>, which was absolutely essential to determine our émergence hiring. We oui learned everything. Unless elle say no, ”underlines the forum.

conditions météorologiques Saturday, some 300 people demonstrated in paris to denounce the "omerta”.

“Our rage is not a français comedy,” review a sign. “The anger got stuck also long,” saus Alice, current at auto demonstration.

it was in November 2020 that she filed a complain against michelle Didym, after creating to the Nancy prosecutor. Et after having actually gathered pour six months around twenty testimonies ns his se réconcilier comrades at thé Conservatory ns Nancy.

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“There is no point in submit a complaint et being alone,” she says, assuring that harassment is “a systemic problem in thé theater”. “There is auto presumption of fond for thé aggressors, marqué not auto presumption de truth parce que le the victims.” Beyond the liberation ns speech, elle wants “deeds”.

the mobilization has actually so tarif caused two theaters to react: in Lyon, the drame des Célestins has decided à postpone a show by Michel Didym, et the spectaculaire 14 in parisien has undertaken venir put in place “tools” to “protect , listen et support ”.

thé elected ecologist at the parisien Council Alice Coffin call for an end à funding "structures that aller not sell a destinées of struggle”.

“Naked in elle bath”

Blogger marié Coquille-Chambel released a call for testimonials in early on October that has actually gone viral. “I was raped passant par a 45-year-old actor when ns was 16,” said a testimony.

“I’m 23 and have a professional conférence with a 60-year-old director. Cette is naked in his bath when ns arrive et invites me to join him. I fermer la porte the door humiliated ”, wrote on Twitter the actress Céline Langlois, member ns the routine # MeTooThéâtre.

“We to be afraid à speak parce que le a longue time. Marqué there is a problem, ”she told agence France-Presse. Fed up with "the mythology ns the actrice as a irradiate woman, ns the injunction venir be young et beautiful till death, and of thé under-representation of women in la gestion positions”.

“It’s an inclusive movement, there are also homme who space victims ns sexual violence in auto community,” elle adds.

for the sociologist Laetitia César-Franquet, ns the centre Émile Durkheim, thé “delay of déménageur in thé theater comes from the precariousness ns the environment, with this fear du losing roles” if we speak.

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elle also points to the “spectator effect”: “if ns witness violence and the majority faire not intervene, ns will à faire like thé others”. And in this environment, “there is a certain standard that you can aller with the body what amie want”, creates this professional in the sociology du gender et violence versus women.