56 x 45 x 25 cm bagage


EasyJet 2021 baggage Allowance and Fees

If you travelling v easyJet on année upcoming flight, here’s everything amie need to à savoir about your easyJet package allowance, restrictions, fees et charges.

Vous lisez ce: 56 x 45 x 25 cm bagage


EasyJet Cabin Baggage

For travel avant the 10th February 2021 click here pour baggage allowance.

For take trip from the 10th February 2021 

For travel after the 10th February auto seat you oui booked will decide what les poches you deserve to bring nous board.

All Passengers room permitted to bring one piece ns hand luggage ont a carry nous that will travel with them in the cabin. There are ne sont pas weight incarcération on this baggage, however, ce must be 45cm x 36cm voir 20cm including handles and wheels and must fit underneath the seat in front de you.

Customers who have booked up Front or Extra Leg pièce seat have the right to bring année additional large cabin bag at a très size ns 56cm cf 45cm voir 25cm et must ajuster in thé overhead locker. Easyjet plus cardholders and FLEXI fare client are also allowed venir bring this additional super cabin bag at ne sont pas addition or at a discounted rate.

You can likewise opt à la Hands Free, which places your cabin bag into auto hold. Merely drop her cabin bag la fin at auto Easyjet concéder Bag Drop and you’ll volonté your bags first éteindre the carousel. This prices £7 effronté passenger jaune £16 for a family bundle i m sorry can encompass up to 6 people. This bag can up à 56cm cf 45cm cf 25cm.

Hand baggage is free. However, si it is bigger than auto size restrictions, the Bag Drop desk will charger you £45 to check the bag into thé aircraft hold. Si you aller straight to the boarding gate and your bag is oversized, tu will be fee £48.

Need à purchase a suitable hand luggage boîte for her upcoming flight? We recommend this, available nous Amazon, oui they space approved de most airlines.


Baggage TypeSize RestrictionsWeight AllowanceFeesAdditional Fees
Cabin Baggage(before 10th February 2021) 56cm cf 45cm x 25cm(After 10th February 2021) 45cm cf 36cm x 20cm N/AN/A£37-47 oversized fees
Checked Baggage275cm15kgOnline: £6.99 - £35.99Airport: no available*see excess baggage*
Checked Baggage275cm23kgOnline: £9.49-£42.49 Airport: £45 at bag drop desk*see overabundance baggage*
Excess Baggage275cm32kgOnline: £12 effronté 3kg Airport: £12 tout de suite 1kgN/A

EasyJet confirm Baggage

Passengers deserve to buy up to three hold bags. A défaut hold bag is 23kg up à a maximum of 32kg tout de suite bag. Non single item have the right to weigh more than 32kg, jaune exceed the très total size du 275cm.

Baggage can be purchase online, over thé phone, jaune at thé airport and the price will depend nous the route, season, flight et time ns booking. Online, prices vary from £6.99-£42.49. At thé airport bag drop, tu will be fee £45 per host item weighing up venir 23kg. At the boarding gate, tu will be charged £48 per organize item weighing up à 23kg

EasyJet excess Baggage

If your hold bag exceeds the weight allowance de 23kg, amie can pay to increase your allowance up to 32kg; i beg your pardon is the très that deserve to be accepted.

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The cheapest way to pay pour excess package is to do so online, where amie will be fee £4 per kg, which must be purchased in increments du 3kg. Si you pay at auto airport, you will be charged £12 per kg, which must be purchased in increments of 3kg.

EasyJet Sporting Equipment and Musical Instruments

Sports devices can be checked in ont hold luggage, but an additional fee should be payment either online or at thé airport. Petit sports tools will expense £37 online jaune £47 at auto airport and large des sports equipment will expense £45 online jaune £55 at thé airport.

You can buy une piece du sports equipment per customer. Si you need to buy more than 6 pieces of sports equipment revenir booking elle need venir speak à a member du the customer services team. Ne sont pas single piece de equipment deserve to weigh much more than 32kg.


My package – Airline baggage Alternative

EasyJet is année undeniably affordable take trip option if you are travelling v a petit amount de luggage offseason. However, if you marche above the weight allowance, livre baggage at the airport jaune travel during peak periods, elle may face considerable extra charges.

Thankfully, that’s where My Baggage comes in.

My Baggage permits you venir ship a gros 30kg/66lbs per suitcase or bag at fantastic meugler rates. You’ll also oui the option to salary extra à la even heavier pantalon if you need to, et you can ajouter as plenty of items as you like à your booking. Shipping luggage with mien Baggage enables you to bring much more with elle than si you were relying nous a couple of checked pieces of baggage.

My Baggage gives a great low-cost alternative to airline baggage, with fast et convenient luggage shipping which permits you venir travel hands-free. Ce means you’ll save yourself some temps at the airport when tu don’t ont to check-in her bags, ne sont pas waiting approximately at luggage carousels nous the est différent side and ultimately, une less thing to worry about whilst tu travel. à give elle that extra peace ns mind, ma Baggage provides £100 free commensaux cover nous every seul shipment, which deserve to be enhanced right up to auto value du £1000 if you wish. La communication our customer appui team si you ont any questions!

Book online and My Baggage will certainly collect your luggage and deliver it quickly and safely to where it needs to go. As well oui providing a dependable door to door service, mien Baggage supplies luggage tracking, SMS et email notifications the entire method through. Conditions météorologiques also ship venir over 200 countries worldwide! to find out more, visit our luggage shipping page.


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